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August 13, 2011
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Vintage Spring Mini Action by liandries Vintage Spring Mini Action by liandries
All the actions in this gallery are freeware. Anybody can use them, free of charge, for an unlimited time, here on deviantART or anywhere else.
you can let me know (if you want) by note or comment if you use my actions in your deviations or anywhere else.
I love watching your artwork <3.
Credit is not required but if don't mind you can Credit me with a link back to my deviantART account.
May not be reproduced, re-distribute.
you can share my actions in fourms, LJ, or anywhere else by uploading the preview only with a link to the original download. (you must Credit me)

Vintage Spring Mini Photoshop Action is a Photoshop Action for photography.

This Photoshop Action is ideal for:~
1. Landscape
2. Nature
3. Still Life
4. Portraits

Vintage Spring Mini Photoshop Action will:~
Add a creamy Lemonade & Orange tones.
Add warmer tones.
Add a lovely dreamy feel.
Increase the brightness and contrast.
Works incredibly amazing all year round.

The "Vintage Spring Mini Photoshop Action Set" includes two extra optional effects:

1. opt: Lighting Effects: Use this optional effect before running the Vintage Spring Action, It will add an extra brightness for your low-light image.

2. opt: Curves--darken: Use this optional effect (Curves) before/after running the Vintage Spring Action, It will cool down your overexposed images.

Happy Processing!

Sally Alexandrine.
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LoveScream Mar 11, 2014   Interface Designer
love them!
Thanks so much- this will be fun to use!
NatorCat Aug 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The-Thin-Ice Mar 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
FINALLY! I found an action I really like! :love:
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